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© 2020, Hans van Wingerden

Hans van Wingerden (1983) is born in Dordrecht. Nowadays he lives in Putten, a small village located in the beautiful nature of “De Veluwe” not far from Amsterdam. He is married with Diënne and they have a wonderful son. Together they are living with a very cute dog and a fluffy rabbit. True story.

In 2006 Hans graduated for his music bachelor degree and in 2008 for his master in music degree. During the years on the conservatory Hans has focussed on Trumpet LM (Pop&Jazz) and arranging for horn section and large orchestra.

During and after his study Hans has played with lot’s of different artists and musicians (no name dropping here). In general musicians from the Netherlands, but also international artists touring in Europe. On small club podia,  theatres and also large stadion concerts with e.g. the EO and Symphonica in Rosso. (Gelredome, Ziggo Dome)

Next to the live performances Hans also owns a home recording studio. This is the place where he produces his trumpet recordings. These recordings are send over the internet to end up on albums, singles, teasers, jingles etc. For more information check the HOME RECORDING STUDIO page.

In 2009 The Holy Horns are founded. The members are: Hans van Wingerden, David Mast, David Wilschut, Jos van den Heuvel. Within limited time this exquisite horns section made a great reputation in the dutch music scene. They have played on lot’s of albums and they’ve performed in different TV shows. For more info check:

Hans is also a well-known arranger for horn section, bigband and large orchestra. Most of the horn section arrangements are played by The Holy Horns, but they’re also sold international for other sections, recordings and live shows. Most of the bigband arrangements are performed by The Convocation. This bigband is set up in 2008 by Hans van Wingerden and David Mast. The focus of this bigband is a cross-over between (black)gospel, jazz & soul. You should really check them out! ( For more information about his arrangements check the ARRANGEMENTS page.

Hans van Wingerden is a Vincent Bach Artist



Due to the Covid-19 crisis, all performances will be canceled in the coming months. This creates a tough time that also affects me as a performer. Feel free to make a donation (if you want to) and know that it is very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!





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